Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Official 26.2 Inca Trail Marathon August 15, 2013

2012 Results Final Official 26.2 Inca Trail Results for the 7/5/12 race hosted by Erik's Adventures. We wanted to say Congratulations to every one of our participants, since you ALL completed the Official 26.2 mile Inca Trail Marathon! Great job! 2013 Event update! This hosted Peru multi-sport tour for runners and spectators is a top international running tour, offering a wide range of different outdoor activities, cultural programs, and unique adventures. The highlight of the trip is one of the most scenic and challenging marathons in South America: An official 26.2 mile marathon run along the Classic Inca Trail, the footpath the Incas used to travel between their capital in Cusco and the world famous citadel of Machu Picchu. Our marathon is designed by experienced racers for racers. Erik's Adventures was the first to host an official, accurate, and fully supported 26.2 mile marathon race on The Inca Trail. Join our team of runners and race this one of a kind course to Machu Picchu! The Official 26.2 Inca Trail Marathon Course: is professionally and accurately measured is well marked and supported with professional staff to ensure runner safety provides at least 4 full service aid stations, access to drop bags, and first-aid We also offer a "mini" marathon of roughly half the distance of our full that will allow all runners of all abilities to compete on the Inca Trail! At Erik's Adventures, our philosophy for group travel is to maintain a healthy balance of structure and flexibility, and our custom itinerary is specially designed to do so. Our experienced guides take you to the famous sites of Peru as well as to lesser known destinations, educating you on the many aspects of Peruvian culture. You also have plenty of flexibility to do some exploring on your own. This allows for an individual experience within a group travel setting. Opportunities include: interacting with local culture sampling Peruvian cuisine exploring ancient ruins pursuing exciting outdoor activities sampling the fun nightlife and visiting local markets running in Peru with like minded athletes and new friends completing the Official 26.2 mile Inca Trail Marathon or Mini Marathon Join us for our fully hosted Inca Trail Marathon Tour and discover the adventure you are seeking!